Thursday, November 6, 2008

Monkey Bread

After Paula, over at Krumbz, posted her Monkey Bread last week I have been craving it. I bought the stuff to make hers and will try it this weekend. I have to bake my Nena's recipe during the week because you make it the night before and Lord knows I do good to get that done!

This is the complete recipe right before I covered it for the night.
This is what it looks like the next morning.

Then after it bakes.

Voila! Turn it out on a plate and enjoy!!! I could eat the whole thing. It is awesome!


Tanya said...

Let me just tell you that I made the monkey bread Paula put on her blog, and it was delightful. Jason loved it. I am trying her chicken salad next. I think it is so sweet that she is posting recipes... Now, do you think you should give us your Nana's recipe??? he he :-)Love you friend.

Veronica Stepien said...

please give us your Nena's recipe. I am morning challenged. I do good to get everyone fed and dressed in the mornings. Night before is gooood!