Friday, November 21, 2008

Elf on the Shelf

Well our new friend has arrived. The Elf on the Shelf came yesterday to help Santa keep tabs on Saylor. She is so fascinated with the whole thing. It is quite funny. She hasn't named him yet and I am not sure when she will. We have so little time at home right now with ball practices and ball games. The poor little guy doesn't get to see her enough to report to Santa really. Maybe next week he can see her in action. I am trying to use him to get her to keep her room clean. You know Santa loves a clean room, right?


Susan said...

Hey Holly are you all going to Florida again when the dance competition is going on?? I know that I saw you there one year and was so surprised!

Anonymous said...

That's not right to use such a tiny man to intimate little girls into cleaning their room. LOL