Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mother's Day

My cousin Kaitlyn decorating Christian with leftover bows.

Saylor looks like Cindy Lou Who!

This is my sweet Nena with my mom and my uncle Ron.

Me and my babies!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Revolution Money Exchange

I posted earlier about Revolution Money Exchange wanting people to sign up for a free account to help them compete with PayPal. Well I got my $25 yesterday. It is easy and free! Just thought I would let you know I got my money. The link is on my page if you want to sign up.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


The last weekend of April each year we go to Gatlinburg for the H.T. Hackney Food Show. This is a huge event for convenience store owners. They come try new foods at the show and also get great deals from all kinds of companies like M & M's. The weekend is full of free stuff. We always come back with so much junk. If you don't know, my Dad owns Goolsby's Sausage and he sells to stores, restaurants and all kinds of places that serve breakfast. You can buy it in TN, AL, NC, SC GA and KY. Anywho, Mandy and I have to cook sausage and tenderloin at the show while my dad and his sales guy do all the talking, giving out samples and taking orders. It is really busy when the show opens and they have to have us in order to free them up. It is a free trip for us so we don't mind! lol

My kids get out of school for a day and they always have to go to the Aquarium. It is a ritual I suppose. Here are photos from the weekend.

Spider Crabs


Christian is playing AAU basketball this year and they won a tournament a few weekends ago in Shelbyville. He was so tore up!!! He loves sports. Christian is in the back row 2nd from the right. We are off to another tournament this weekend. I think it's our last. I am ready for it to be over. Good luck boys!

Princess for a Day

Okay I am really behind in posting. This is from the Relay for Life Princess for a Day fundraiser. Saylor really had a good time. She looked so sweet when she was done.

This little miniature donkey was sooo sweet!!! I could have just rubbed his nose all day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Like Free GAS!

There is a new company called Revolution Money Exchange who's out to give PayPal some competition... They are offering $25 to everyone who signs up for an account before May 15 AND signing up is FREE! I've done my homework on this and it's legit, but you don't have to take my word for it... You can learn more about the company yourself by reading this

I have the link on my blog and you can go and sign up and then go to your account and accept your $25. If you sign up through my blog I will get $10 and then you can add it to your blog or email your friends. I have always been a Paypal gal but I can change! LOL