Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As all the nursery industry breathes a sigh of relief!

Hurricane Fay has finally helped part of the south out. Most people don't benefit from hurricane rain but here I know everyone is glad to see it. Last summer we had a terrible drought and it seemed we were on our way again this summer. However, it has been raining since yesterday pretty much and I know all the nursery owners are elated!

Tomorrow Mandy, Tammy Young and I leave for Cancun. Please pray for us to have a safe trip and no hurricanes while we are gone. I can't wait to see Mexico. Everyone we talk to says we will love it. We got some good old cookies from Mrs. Paula to take with us in case we miss home too much. Thanks Paula!

I will post pics when we return. Have a great week and weekend!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wilson County Fair

As soon as I got off work Friday my wonderful friend and work buddy Morris and I took Saylor and her friend Ginny to the fair in Lebanon. If you have never been it is well worth it. It is such a big fair and so many neat things to see and do. It is just awesome.
Getting ready for the first ride of the night.

This was the dog at the entrance of the "pet" section.

This dog jumped in the pool after his toy. He was part of the Ultimate Air Dogs show. It was so fun to watch all the dogs jump in and swim.

They have a great petting zoo. They had llamas, kangaroos, camels, goats, sheep, porcupines and calves. Very cool zoo!

Another thing I love at this fair is the pig racing. They come from North Carolina each year to the fair. It is hilarious watching these pigs and other animals race. The winner gets a cheeto!

This is the little piggies running for the gold. lol

The goats racing.

The fun slide.

This is one of the rides that my picture semi came out. My camera takes terrible night pics. Saylor rode the big swings and the little swings along with the Himalaya. It was a modern one. Very cool. She rode the Sizzler and the Wacky Worm and many others. They had the best time. We stayed until about 11 and we still never saw all the fair. You need all day at this one. Saylor is already begging to go back.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Viola Valley Homecoming

Saturday we went to the Viola Homecoming to watch the parade and check things out. Saylor really enjoyed the parade. They actually get to throw candy at theirs and this was something she had never seen before since they won't allow you to throw candy at our Christmas parade. I think this parade was better than the Christmas one too. Later on that day I took Christian and his friend Gavin to the Titans game but of course no pictures. Boys just don't like that sort of stuff. lol

Saylor is watching what is coming so she can collect more candy.
This is the truck my Dad bought all fixed up with his new logo. It turned out great.
This dog herded these sheep the whole parade. It was so cute!

Saylor enjoying the new ride.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Day of School

Did you watch the Cosby show??? I did and still do when I find it on. It is a great show. There is an episode about the first day of school and Cliff and Claire can't wait to get them all out of the house and are celebrating the kids being gone and having some time to themselves. It was hilarious. I don't feel that way but I am glad we are back in session.

I think both of my kids are going to have great years. I always take Saylor's picture with her teacher. However, Christian said there was no way I was taking his picture today. I hope Saylor is not like that any time soon. Here are her pictures from this morning. I think she looks so adorable. Her little purse is a lunchbox. How sweet. lol

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Fresh Start

There is something about school starting back that makes me feel like it is a new beginning. Not just for my kids but for me. I always feel like a slob by the time school starts because we don't have a set routine. I feel unorganized and tired for some reason. So, when we do finally start school I feel like I have to be a better mom...not that I am too bad at it or anything...I just think I need to get up earlier and make sure our mornings aren't so hectic and we are better organized the night before. I am giving my kids "The Rules" before school starts again also. That way they know what I expect as far as bedtime, tv, homework, baths, etc. Christian is very hard to get in bed and to get up. He makes our mornings hard. Saylor will go to bed when I need her to and if she is getting enough sleep she will just wake up around 6:30. This is great too because she feels so much better than if I have to wake her. She is not too happy anyway until she gets her first breakfast of the morning. She has to eat several times before we leave. She might start with cereal and then get ready a little and then have yogurt and then she might still want some kind of fruit. She is such a good little eater. LOL Anywho, after she eats she is good to go. Christian is not a good eater and it is difficult to even get him to eat breakfast.

Christian is getting so big. He will be in 7th grade and is starting Boyd Christian school this year. We let him decide and this is what he wanted to do. I hope he enjoys it. He will be 13 soon so I know hard times are ahead for me and him both.

My little Saylor will be 8 soon and is in the 2nd grade. She loves school and is so excited about seeing all of her friends again. She has Sadie Newby and she teaches her class with Mrs. Tobbitt's class. Their room was so cool. I loved it and am so happy Saylor will be in this class.

Okay I guess I will hush for now. Are you ready for school to start? Do you feel like it is new beginning too? Surely I am not the only one.

P.S. Saylor has pneumonia...can you believe that? She goes back today for her follow up xray to make sure her antibiotics are working. She has been on meds for a month now.!!

Happy Start of School.