Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged Twice!!!

Veronica Stepien and Tanya Jones have both tagged me. I have been putting it off but here goes.

7 Weird/Unusual Facts about me:

1. I started fainting at the age of 5 and still do to this day. I have done it so much I can tell the person I am with it's going to happen.

2. I rub my feet on the bed trying to go to sleep and apparently while sleeping. I have worn a hole in my sheets from it.

3. My hair is so freaking thick that if it is getting on my nerves I just take a razor and comb through it to thin it out! I know, don't tell Wendy Beaty. lol

4. I watch Friends everyday!

5. I love Miley Cyrus and watching Hannah Montana.

6. I get obssessed with whatever sport my kids are playing. I hate for their teams to lose and get really competitive.

7. I talk to my sister and my mom daily and usually see them too!

If you haven't done this yet then I am tagging you. So if you just read this that means you!


Tanya said...

I watch friends all the time too. It reminds me of our clan when I was in school. Love it. Miss them!

Now, the fainting thing? For real? I never knew this. How often? I do not remember this about you when we cheered together! Bless it!!!