Monday, October 20, 2008

He's a Teenager!!!!

My baby boy, Christian, is 13 today! It is hard to believe how far this little guy has come. He has been through alot to be his age and it is not over yet. His next surgery is November 24. It seems like it will never end. He is such a strong person and has always been really tough. I guess he didn't have any choice. He has had cleft lip surgery, cleft palate surgery, bone taken out of his hip to complete his gums and many other procedures through the years. His next surgery is necessary to get his mouth ready so he can have braces. I am already nervous and so is he I'm sure. He will also have to have braces put on the 30th for the surgery and then taken off after surgery heals. It's all confusing.

Christian you are one terrific son and me and your daddy are so glad we have you. I hope you enjoy your big day and have fun at the TN/AL game on Saturday!! Happy Birthday baby! I love you.

Christian is two weeks old in this picture and we were going for our first visit to his plastic surgeon. He was the cutest thing I had ever seen. He was 4 months old when he had his first surgery.
Christian with his first dog, Snoopy.
He was the happiest little baby!
Look at that adorable face!

This is Christian with Whitney and Kaitlyn. They are the ones that got married in July and October.

Giving mom some sugar!

Christian and his Daddio!

Christian and Saylor.


Mandy said...

Boy does time fly! Christian is such a trooper. It is so hard to believe how he has grown up. I just hope he and his Daddy don't get lost going to the game. LOL! Happy Birthday Christian!

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday Christian!! You will all be in my thoughts and prayers Holly. Please let me know if there is anything Jason and I can do. Lots of love...