Thursday, October 23, 2008

Homeland Bank Youth Advisory Board

This is Christian, Brent and Hunter at the first meeting of the Youth Advisory Board at Homeland Bank. They were chosen from Boyd based on an essay and interview. There are about 20 kids on the board from area schools. They will have four meetings a year and learn about money and how finance works. They picked 5 stocks with their play money at the first meeting. Each quarter whoever makes the most money gets $25 and at the end of the year the winner will get $100. They will also take a field trip to the Federal Reserve. I think that will be an awesome trip. He had a great time and we are really watching the stock market now. The bank does a great job with this board and made all the kids feel welcome. I can tell it is going to be a great organization for him to be in. I am also very proud that he was chosen to represent Boyd.


Tanya said...

Keep up the good work Christian! This sounds like a really good idea. I think my nephew is doing this as well. (Evan) I am not sure, but it sounds the same..Congrats Christian.

Anonymous said...
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