Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wilson County Fair

As soon as I got off work Friday my wonderful friend and work buddy Morris and I took Saylor and her friend Ginny to the fair in Lebanon. If you have never been it is well worth it. It is such a big fair and so many neat things to see and do. It is just awesome.
Getting ready for the first ride of the night.

This was the dog at the entrance of the "pet" section.

This dog jumped in the pool after his toy. He was part of the Ultimate Air Dogs show. It was so fun to watch all the dogs jump in and swim.

They have a great petting zoo. They had llamas, kangaroos, camels, goats, sheep, porcupines and calves. Very cool zoo!

Another thing I love at this fair is the pig racing. They come from North Carolina each year to the fair. It is hilarious watching these pigs and other animals race. The winner gets a cheeto!

This is the little piggies running for the gold. lol

The goats racing.

The fun slide.

This is one of the rides that my picture semi came out. My camera takes terrible night pics. Saylor rode the big swings and the little swings along with the Himalaya. It was a modern one. Very cool. She rode the Sizzler and the Wacky Worm and many others. They had the best time. We stayed until about 11 and we still never saw all the fair. You need all day at this one. Saylor is already begging to go back.