Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Fresh Start

There is something about school starting back that makes me feel like it is a new beginning. Not just for my kids but for me. I always feel like a slob by the time school starts because we don't have a set routine. I feel unorganized and tired for some reason. So, when we do finally start school I feel like I have to be a better mom...not that I am too bad at it or anything...I just think I need to get up earlier and make sure our mornings aren't so hectic and we are better organized the night before. I am giving my kids "The Rules" before school starts again also. That way they know what I expect as far as bedtime, tv, homework, baths, etc. Christian is very hard to get in bed and to get up. He makes our mornings hard. Saylor will go to bed when I need her to and if she is getting enough sleep she will just wake up around 6:30. This is great too because she feels so much better than if I have to wake her. She is not too happy anyway until she gets her first breakfast of the morning. She has to eat several times before we leave. She might start with cereal and then get ready a little and then have yogurt and then she might still want some kind of fruit. She is such a good little eater. LOL Anywho, after she eats she is good to go. Christian is not a good eater and it is difficult to even get him to eat breakfast.

Christian is getting so big. He will be in 7th grade and is starting Boyd Christian school this year. We let him decide and this is what he wanted to do. I hope he enjoys it. He will be 13 soon so I know hard times are ahead for me and him both.

My little Saylor will be 8 soon and is in the 2nd grade. She loves school and is so excited about seeing all of her friends again. She has Sadie Newby and she teaches her class with Mrs. Tobbitt's class. Their room was so cool. I loved it and am so happy Saylor will be in this class.

Okay I guess I will hush for now. Are you ready for school to start? Do you feel like it is new beginning too? Surely I am not the only one.

P.S. Saylor has pneumonia...can you believe that? She goes back today for her follow up xray to make sure her antibiotics are working. She has been on meds for a month now.!!

Happy Start of School.