Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saylor's 9th Birthday

Sorry these aren't in order

Saylor's Birthday Dinner at her Nan and Poppy's.

She had to light her own candles.

Saylor with her cake.

Patsy Bolding and Misty Bolding did another great job on her cake. It had glitter on it and just sparkled so pretty.

Nice cheeks.

Go Titans!

Her new Vera backpack!


Pixos!! She loves these things and plays with them all the time.

Opening gifts. Christian just got out of ball practice so he looks a little rough. lol

More cash to take to American Girl.

Littlest Pet Shop set.


Tanya said...

Happy belated birthday to Saylor!! I am loving that cake too. Love the blog Holly!!

brian b. said...

Have a little late birthday!