Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nothing much!

Well I haven't posted in a while and actually I guess there is not much to post about. We went to Pigeon Forge this past weekend. The kids had fun and we got to shop quite a bit.

Tonight is the Middle School Sports Banquet at Boyd. So we are going to that. New experience for us. Should be fun. Today Saylor and Christian both got to go to the Sounds game.

Saylor is playing softball and is not too bad. She is playing 2nd right now but that may change. Lisa Mason is her coach and it is wonderful! She is teaching the fundamentals and it is amazing the stuff Saylor has never been told.

Christian is also playing baseball. I haven't seen him practice yet and his season starts later than all the others.

Here is a picture of Saylor at the Food Show this weekend in the race car the M&M's booth had. It was a racing game. She spent most of her laps in the grass. lol