Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Happy New Year everyone. We went to my aunt and uncle's at Harvest Farms last night. We had a great time. They cooked steak and chicken kabobs and twice baked potatoes with salad and rolls. It was really good! We had desserts and snacks during the night too. The highlight of the night was Rock Band. We played for hours. Saylor really got into playing drums and as the night went on got up enough nerve to sing. It was so cute. Every now and then she would let out a"Wooo hoooo" and I would crack up. After midnight we all rolled a cabbage in the front door and they are cooking it today to eat. I didn't know you were suppose to roll it in the door. We bruised that cabbage to death. Speaking of death, when we got home about 1 am I found our goldfish in my bedroom floor (gross). One of our cats knocked it over and left water all over the kitchen floor. I guess cats celebrate the new year by eating fish. lol

Any who, have a great 2009 and enjoy life.


Tanya said...

Okay, tell me about the cabbage. I have never heard anything about cabbage. No wait, maybe I have. Cabbage and blackeyed peas???? Anyway, I need to know this. By the way, sorry about your poor fish!! How sad!