Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Weekend

As usual we had a pretty busy weekend. As many of you know, McMinnville's Relay for Life was Friday night. I am on the Queens for a Cure team and worked at our booth for about 5 hours or so. It was sooooo HOT!!!! I was sweatin' like a virgin at a prison rodeo! We sold out of our food and we were really busy with face painting and animal balloons and we sold 20 gallons of Paula's famous Fruit Tea in our souvenior cups.

Friday night Christian was also in the Security Federal Tennis tournament. We didn't know he would be playing during Relay but he ended up with a 7:30 game that didn't start till 8 or so and lasted till almost ten since you had to win 2 out of 3 matches. Which my little athlete did!!!LOL He played a boy from Murfreesboro and beat him the first and last match to take first place. He was very excited and so was I. My sweet sister took him to his match while I was at Relay. So she got to enjoy the heat too!!!

Sunday night I took Christian to a devotional after church and on the way back Saylor and I stopped at the fountain and goofed off a little. I love the last picture!!!