Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stop Global Warming

I am a big supporter of "Stop Global Warming" and I got an email that had some interesting things in it and wanted to share.

Businesses are stepping up to the plate and taking global warming seriously as well:

Potato chip and snack food-maker Kettle Foods has installed 18 wind turbines on the roof of its new Beloit, Wisconsin manufacturing facility.

Kohl's Department Stores says it will pursue LEED certification for every store to break ground in 2008.

Marriott Hotels are saving 65% on hotel lighting costs after replacing 450,000 bulbs with compact fluorescents last year.

Isn't that cool? This will make me give my business to them to show my support for what they are doing.

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Sheila said...

Holly this is soo cool! Great post! Your pics are fabulous! Have a wonderful week....