Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nothing like a New Year!

Well if you have known me long at all you know that I get sick everytime we have a vacation planned or there is a holiday. I am cursed I think. Our first trip to Disney with the kids I got strep the day we left. Our plane was delayed about 3 hours so we didn't leave Nashville till about 11:30 pm. The next night Saylor started crying at midnight and didn't stop till about 4 am. She had strep and then Mandy got strep the day after that. LOL!! Christian never go it but the day we were leaving he got a stomach bug and puked all over my relatives beautiful tile floors. (splat) It was the trip from hell. We have been twice since then and they have been much better trips. But I digress, LOL, I have strep throat again!!! They suggested I have my tonsils out since I have it so much. GREAT, right? So I go to an ENT in M'boro January 21st. Last year on this date I was having my first root canal. I really know how to ring in a new year!!!


Mandy said...

You know, I just have to laugh!!! Might as well! I'm laughin with you not at you honey!! (because if I laugh at you I will have it next, Hehehe!) I do feel for you it is no fun!!! XOXO!