Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Nena!

Today is a truly special day in my family. My sweet grandmother, better know as Nena, is 79 today. She still cooks, cleans, works in the yard and has gorgeous flowers every summer. You would never know she is 79. She makes me look so bad. When I dropped Saylor off this morning she was icing a Red Velvet Cake. She is always busy! The woman cleans under her fridge weekly for goodness sake! NO dust bunnies at her house. She is always taking food to sick friends and to the funeral home. She is the kindest person you could ever meet. She is one of the greatest women in my life along with my mom and my sister. I am so happy to have her and for my kids to have her. Christian and Saylor adore their Nena! Tonight we will be having dinner together to celebrate our wonderful mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife and sister, Christine Gribble! We love you, Nena!


Stephanie Edens said...

oh my goodness...holly, you have your nena's smile!!!

i hope you all have a wonderful christmas :)


Saylorsmom said...

Thanks Stephanie! That is the sweetest compliment I have ever gotten. merry Christmas to you too!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

These pictures are so warm and happy. I love them. :) It was good to see you today.