Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Saturday full of fun!!

While most Saturdays are semi busy this past one was full of activity. We started our day at 7 am at the Autumn Street Fair. I had to help finish setting up the Jaycees booth. We moved all the purses and drinks off the table by the way. LOLAfter all the booths started to open up I took Saylor and Madison walking down Main St. We stopped by several booths and eventually had to stop for some face painting. Did I mention how HOT it was to be so early in the day. I was about to burn up!!

We made our way down to the end picking up freebies along the way. There was a lot to see and the girls were really having fun. Saylor had to stop and check out her goodies while Madison got her face painted.

Then we had to head off to our next adventure. Saylor went to Mrs. Tabetha Sullens Stampin' Up Halloween craft session. This was Saylor's favorite part of the day. They made the most adorable picture album for their Halloween photos and a "BOO" banner. I don't know how she managed them all by herself but Tabetha did an excellent job!! Here is Saylor leaving with all her treats! Tabetha's mom helped make food and cute little things for all the girls to take home. I was soooo impressed!!

Well our day didn't stop there. I picked Saylor up at noon and we met my mom, sister and grandmother and headed to Valley Fertilize's Grand Opening. Wow!! The place was packed and I can't believe how much stuff there was for Saylor to do. She got to ride a pony, for free I might add. (It was $5 at the Street Fair.) They even had a camel. Now that is something you don't see everyday. Here are some of the pictures. My header picture is from the Feed Mill to and I thought it was beautiful!

As if the day wasn't busy enough we still had something else to do. We had our annual "Weenie Roast" at my Nena and Pa's house. It was entirely too hot to be trying to roast hot dogs and make smores but once you tell Saylor you are doing something you better follow through. We had hot dogs, chili, smores and cookies. It was fun and after the cooking was over it wasn't to bad sitting outside. We decided to move it to November next year so we wouldn't burn up.

Saylor never seemed to get too tired. She even got in a little climbing while the adults sat around chatting.


ReminisceHeirlooms said...

WOW what a day you had. I bet she slept like a log! I wanted to say that she was so well behanved and I am so glad that she got to come. I loved getting to know her. Now tell her to get some rest!