Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rascal Flatts was AWESOME!!!!

Yes, we had a blast at the concert Friday night. We got downtown and payed $20 to park the car. Isn't that crazy? LOL Then we walked down to 2nd Avenue and ate dinner at the Melting Pot. What an experience. That was the best chocolate and cheese ever and the most I think I have ever paid for a meal ; ) It was really fun though. Then off to the show. Jason Aldean opend for them and he was really good. Lots of energy and pretty cute too!!

Jason Aldean
But Jason was nothing compared to the excitement when Rascal Flatts came out. That place went wild. OH, I forgot to mention, we were on the 3rd row!!!! It was amazing! Talk about some good guys. All the money from the show was donated to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital which wound up to be $821,000!!! So our ticket money went to a great cause!!

Gary and Jay

Joe Don

Saying goodnight