Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Did you know that there is a huge difference in regular everyday dust and sheet rock dust? Probably so. I did to or so I thought. But when it is in every crevice of your house you are still amazed. I am redoing the walls in my living room which required sheet rock mud being put on a couple of different times and then sanded. This created a major white cloud in my living room that spread to everything in the kitchen. It is a never ending cleaning process. Ugh!! On the up side my walls are looking great and the paint called Burlap should start going on today. I can't wait. I am also changing the color of my shutters which is going to make a huge difference. I love to redo my house a little at time!


Mandy said...

You forgot to mention your lovely brother-in-law's 3 day attempt at removing your messy painted over wallpaper. LOL. He didn't know how smart his wife was till I came to the rescue:)